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What is belt testing?

Our professional belt testing assists in building confidence, discipline, manners, school grades and improving self-defense techniques in all students; it also gives students a “personal” challenge. At the same time, it gives the grandmaster, masters and instructor an opportunity to see a student under pressure and to understand what areas a student needs to improve on.

Our students are not pressured to test and are not required to test; however for students to maintain motivation and to advance in their training and curriculum, testing is advised. We do offer testing to students who meet all requirements and are eligible to test.
Testing Dates are posted one year in advance. 

Our academy, as with most styles, has the same amount of belts, since belts help separate individuals for competitions and experiance level. The only difference is for the little lions program they have several more levels added because they have a different curriculum from Adult and Junior program.  

Our students are graded at testing (45 minute to 1 Hour per belt level - 1 hour for belt ceremony) based on an A-F scale and on their curriculum knowledge and testing performance; no student will advance to black belt, unless they can meet the basic requirements and pass the black belt examination. We do fail students that don't pass their test, but we do not embarrass students, so please read testing day procedures. (Below) WE test our students on their own individual improvements and merits.
  Just like a tournament, there is a fee for awards and other operating costs.  At our academy, there is also a small fee to cover the extra cost for testing materials, guest masters, certificates, awards, patches, belts and facility rental.  This fee is small in comparison to all the benefits gained from testing and learning martial arts at our academy. Students and parents also have an opportunity to meet fellow students at the after testing party.

Note: Please set aside the time needed to attend testing. We ask families and parents to please attend testing and support your family members. We feel once every three months is not too much to ask of parents and family members. This personal support is highly appreciated and we thank you for showing courtesy, loyalty and support to all our members.

Our Exciting Testing Day – Testing, Demonstrations, Awards, Prizes and After Testing Party.  Don't miss the challenge and the fun.