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Team Rules - Agreements

Demo Team Rules


A demo team member is a great honor and a representation of your academy and is a commitment that must be taken serious. It takes many years of training, discipline and hard work to create a competition level demonstration team.  By being a member of the demo team you are the best of the best an elite member, all aspects of your martial arts techniques will improve and you will have fun. 

Your child (you) will not only learn to improve your classroom skills, but will have the opportunity to learn weapons (sais, nunchuks, staff, sword, three-sectional staff, chain and kamas) depending on a students skill level, advanced breaking, musical forms and advanced self defense, including HapKiDo - Jiu-Jitsu. Demo Team Elite Members are eligible to attend extra classes with the Grandmasters  at no extra fee. (Commando TaeKwonDo, Commando Hapkido, Gumdo Swords, Boxing & Rocian Gracie Jiu-Jitsu)   

Most schools charge for this elite special program; in exchange for not charging for these extra classes, we require assistance and dedication from parents and team members at all events and testings (4-5 events per year). The academy also requires true dedication to the program and expects to see improvement in areas that you are responsible for (forms, flexibility and taught skits); you need to practice at home and attend your regular classes at your branch school.
Click Here: To Download Demo Team Agreement


  1. Schoolwork comes first. You must maintain a 3.0 average or above and maintain top behavior and etiquette at home and during training or you will be suspended.

  2. The academy does not cover any injuries (see your contract); you must have you own insurance. Secondary coverage is offered from AAU/USATKD.

  3. The Demo Team Instructors require dedicated students and dedicated parents. If my child (I) join the Demo Team, he/ she/ I will not join any other activity in which the participation schedule conflicts with Demo Team practices or performances. This team is top priority to  Masters, Instructors and Team Members. If you miss (Regular & Team) classes, I will be removed from the team. Although he/she/I may try out in the future, there is no guarantee of position.

  4. As a parent or student, I understand that I am required to assist at the event tables or set-up and tear down of event flooring and tables. 

  5. Each team member is expected to perform his/her share of event leadership duties.

  6. All team members are expected to maintain their own personal equipment as well as keeping uniforms clean and additional equipment provided by the school must be returned cleaned and undamaged.  Only official uniforms and equipment are allowed.

  7. We pick students for skits based on ability and ranking.  Late arrivals, missed classes, unexcused absences and lack of improvement will directly affect the instructors’ choices for skits and cause a suspension.

  8. Team Members are expected to take full responsibility for a complete warm-up and stretching program, both before and after practices and events. This will help prevent injuries and the loss of an athlete to the team. Examples of the proper techniques will be given to students at the beginning of the demo team season. Stretch at home everyday.

  9. You must be at all practices on time ( 10 minutes before ) with proper equipment/uniforms, and prepared to workout.  If coming late becomes a problem then you will be suspended from the team.

  10. Commitment to a perfect practice and a positive attitude will result in superior learning and a great performance during events. Practicing at home 15-30 minutes daily is required.

  11. We do not use favoritism and always tries to be as fair as possible. Please remember Black Belts spent years working their way to top positions.  In time, with commitment, practice and dedication, all students will have the opportunity to showcase their own abilities. 

  12. As a Team Member, you are an example to other parents and students at your academy and must maintain a positive attitude. Many of the other students who attend classes “look-up” to Demo Team members and black belts. 

  13. Any horseplay is unacceptable, and Demo Team members must follow all rules at all times. They must also attend regular classes and practice at home.

  14. We have 20 openings per team for students.  If a student takes time off for any other activity, he/ she risks having his/ her spot taken by someone else. Because he/she is removed from the demo team, does not mean he/she is released from the normal training program or agreement.

  15. If you miss practice you must call; if you miss the day of the event you will be suspended from the team. We are serious about our team, and rules need to be followed. Constant excuses will not be allowed. This type of behavior is not fair to other members. Attendance is required at all meetings, practices and events. Unexcused absences in excess of 2 will result in being suspended from participation in one or more events. Continued absences post 1st suspension will result in being removed from the team. Excused absences may include serious illness and school SAT exams. These must be cleared with the coaching staff PRIOR to missing practice. During the  season, family activities and vacations need to be cleared in advance. Not having you there hurts the Team.

  16. Behavior in dojang/practice room, locker rooms and at events will be professional at all times. Disrespecting of Masters, Instructors, Coaches, Referees, or Teammates will not be tolerated at any time. Such behavior will result in suspension from the team.

  17. Keeping your family informed about team rules and news is, in itself, a team rule. We need their support. We need their support as fans IN THE STANDS. We also need parents as drivers to away events and tournaments and help set-up and floor pick-up. Please make them part of the team as much as possible.

  18. No one person is above the team.  Fighting, “trash talking” to teammates or opponents, mouthing off by students/parents, not practicing, leaving events early, showing disrespect for any Master, Instructor, Coach, Members of an Opposing Team, or your fellow Team Members will not be tolerated.  Everybody on the team is important and special – no matter how fast he/she kicks or  jumps, and deserves your respect and encouragement.  If any of the above becomes a problem you will receive one warning and after that be removed from the team. 

  19. We are the martial arts professionals.   The Masters and Instructors will not tell parents how to do their jobs, so don't tell us how to manage and organize our teams. We have run teams for over 30 years, so we have some experience. Please assist us by bringing your child to regular classes, demo team practices and scheduling your child's daily home training and assisting at events. Please don't add more pressure to the team or staff Members. If you have positive ideas, we will listen and try our best to accommodate students' needs.

  20. It takes several years to build a great team. All final skits and demo lineups are approved or dropped by ATC Grandmasters. They have the final say.


Any deviation from these rules may result in the team member being “bumped down” or suspended from the team. This means that he/ she will not be showcased in the current performance and risks losing his/ her spot completely. 

Decisions regarding these rules are made by Grandmasters, Demo Team instructors, attendance and team preformance records. If you are suspended don't blame the Team or it's Instructors for your lack of commitment and dedication to the team.


Sparring Rules & Etiquette:
  1. Before sparring: Competitors must bow to opponent and referee.
  2. During sparring: In a tournament, when competitor returns for round breaks, competitor must bow to coach before taking a seat.
  3. After sparring: Competitors must exchange handshakes before bowing to opponent and referee. In a tournament, competitors must exchange handshakes with opponent's coach after final round.
  4. At the tournament, when approaching another person to ask questions or when someone approaches, students and instructors must bow before speaking to show respect for others.
  5. Always assume the other person is of a higher ranking and never show disrespect, even when there is disagreement.

  6. Never get angry or loss self control, maintain your discipline at all times.

  7. Better to bow out then to lose face.

Parent and Coaching Issues:

  1. Parents and non-competitors are not permitted on the floor.
  2. Coaching is not normally aloud for lower level students.
  3. Instructors can not guarantee coaching since they might need to assist at most events.
  4. There is a fee to receive a Coaching pass at most tournaments.
  5. Boasting or yelling profanities can have you disqualified from the competition.
  6. Behave in a professional manner, tournaments are many time not fair so get use to it.
  7. Sometimes tournament run out of awards, don't worry talk to your instructor.
  8. If you are coaching, dress appropriately and professionally.
  9. Remember you represent your academy.
  10. If you behave badly then it shows the quality of your academy.