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 Student Rules & Etiquette:

. If you are not a student, you are not permitted in the Dojang. “This room is for ATC students only”

· Please do not block this door or sit on the stairs. (Safety Reasons)

· If class has started please knock, kneel and raise your right hand and ask for permission to enter.

. Whenever you step out of class you need to enter by kneeling and asking for permission. ( For Safety) 

· No running across the Dojang. Always walk behind the class when entering late. (Safety Reasons)

If a student is late for class, additional warm-up exercises will be assigned.

· All students must have a academy uniform to enter.

· No shoes allowed in classroom. ( Kicking Sneakers are Permitted)

· No horse playing or touching equipment.

· Pick up your attendance card on the wall and hand it to your instructor.

· Sparring gear  is required for sparring class ( Headgear, Chest Gear, Mouth Piece, Groin Cup, Shin & Arm Pads )

· Tuition is due before the 7th of the month, after that date there will be a late fee added.

· Tuition dues do not include testing, camps or tournaments. (There is an extra fee to cover materials and time.

· All camp and testing applications should be returned one week before the event.

· Always print neatly on your applications. This will assist  in preventing any spelling errors.

· There will be an after testing ceremony and party. 

. Students and parents should attend the belt ceremony to receive their belt and awards.

· Students are required to bring a favorite dish to the after testing party.

. ATC are not permitted to attend simultaneous ATC locations. (You may transfer with ATC writtten permission)

· ATC students may not attend another martial arts school so as to avoided loyalty issues. 

. ATC is a family center, so we ask students to support their academy.

· Referring new students helps us grow and keeps the tuition fees reasonable.


1) Students must bow to the flags when entering and leaving the Do Jang.

2) Student must bow when entering academy ( Say TaeKwonDo Yes I can)

3) Students must bow to Sah-Bum-Nim upon greeting.

4) Students must use the words "Sir" or "Ma'am" when speaking to black belt instructors.

5) Students must attend classes regularly.

6) Students must keep the Do Jang clean.


Basic Etiquette:

.   Great your senior belts with a proper bow.

.   If you see your Grandmaster the senior belt should call attention to the class and bow.

.   If you are the class senior, you are responsible to bow in the class.

.   Always show proper respect to guest Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors of any styles.

.   Always be a good host with visiting masters. ( Food, Drink, Accommodations and Manners)

.   Grandmasters and Seniors should be seated before all Juniors.

.   If seated at a table Junior and Seniors should all stand and bow when Masters and Grandmasters
    enter the room, restaurant or meeting.


The TaeKwonDo Code of Etiquette and Protocol.

Etiquette is an expression, through actions, of one's mind respecting the other party's personality, constituting a lofty and valuable basic attitude in a man. The Code of Etiquette established by the KTA/WTF/ITF/TIU is aimed at encouraging TaeKwonDo students to behave themselves like a person of etiquette, always trying hard to cultivate a righteous and decent character in themselves so that the entire TaeKwonDo family throughout the world may follow their examples, in the same dobok (uniform) and belt.

Individuals gathering together make a group or organization. An organization can be maintained by firmly established discipline. A group of youngsters especially needs far more discipline and order. The youth's overflowing passion can be tempered only through a reinforced moral education, which starts by the training of etiquette and manners.

Etiquette should be based on an upright mind and modest humble attitude. One should get rid of mean attitudes, showing only modest attitudes, which is an important part of etiquette.  Bowing is a way of showing a proper oriental greeting, bowing does not signify human superiority just human respect and courtesy towards teachers and masters.

Decent and accurate speech, graceful conduct, upright and moderate attitudes are all the essentials of etiquette deserving a healthy modern life. Etiquette is also the source of maintaining harmony and solidarity for a community life.

To that end, the TaeKwonDo organizations ( KTA/WTF/ITF/TIU) felt it necessary to establish the Code of Etiquette.

TaeKwonDo Bow and Upright Posture:

In an attention posture, one bows the head by 45 degrees. The upper body should bend at the waist by 15 degrees. The back soles of both feet stick together firmly.

When a senior enters, one should rise up, showing courtesy by standing upright, and then bow before the senior. If one is to instruct a member of attendants, he should all the time keep following the senior. When entering a room, an attendant guides the senior and stops for a while at the door so that the senior may pass in front of him to step aside, and then immediately follows the senior from behind.

If the senior is to be seated, the attendant must first watch the place to sit down to ensure the Grandmasters, Masters and Seniors will be seated at ease. Even during a meeting, the attendant should keep a watchful eye on all seniors to be able to respond quickly to any sign of help needed by the senior. When a senior talks, one should take an attitude of listening carefully, not just gossiping or listening to a junior's words.

Drinking and smoking:

When a senior offers a beverage, one must receive the glass in a modest attitude hold the glass with both hands (one hand on the side one on the bottom) and turn the head slightly aside before drinking. If one feels fairly intoxicated, he should not leave the seat unless it is to avoid any blunder. One should be careful not to commit any rash acts according to his drunken mood, whether agreeable or disagreeable. When one smokes in front of a senior, he should take care not to offend the seniors.

It is best not to drink, to get drunk or smoke: Do not drink and drive!

Senior Belt Etiquette:

(1) The head of the dojang or a senior must become a model of respectability and personality.

(2) The head of the dojang or a senior  must always keep it in mind that every speech and 
     behavior of his is watched closely and imitated by his students.

(3) A senior should be prudent not to speak ill of or slander his fellow instructors and/or his
     seniors in front of the students.

(4) Any speech or behavior not conforming with the Code of Etiquette should be abstained from in 
     front of the students.

(5) The students must be infused with a positive attitude at all times.

(6) The attitudes of the chief instructor and assistant instructors should always be clear and candid.

(7) Any lie or occasional gossip should be avoided.

(8) A black belt should not be talkative about personal issues in front of students.
    (talk with your seniors)

(9) The  instructors should pay attention to the students' technical issues and grades,   
      in order to help them improve their TaeKwonDo training and life education.

(10) The senior should rely more on consulting than on commanding. ( be kind to all students)

(11) TaeKwonDo practitioners should endeavor to practice one by one what they have learned about
       mental cultivation and attitudes such as ethical life, justice, faith modesty and non- betrayal in
       their daily lives.

(12) Work towards improving attitudes and techniques within your class.


(13) Only learn the forms and requirements up to and including your rank. To learn higher is to show
      disrespect for the ranking system and senior ranks.

14) A Black Belt or student should never open a martial arts school without his/her Grandmasters
     written approval or within 25 miles of any ATC or Union branch (See your student contract) doing
     so is very dishonest and shows disloyalty, dishonor and dishonesty.  Trying to create dissention
     and stealing ATC and union students is against all rules and will cause a removal of all ranking.


ATC has been instructing for over 30 years and we have experience with teaching thousands of students, young and old, and making them excel in their futures and improving their lives through life education training..

Anything worth learning takes time; Dancing, TaeKwonDo, Painting and Music are all arts and should be treated as a life education.

Meaning of Life Education: Anything that positively improves or enhances and cultures an individuals life. Instructing people to access high performance states of mind, wisdom, innate well-being, & common sense.


ATC TaeKwonDo Program Assist in these areas:

Confidence, Control, Focus, Determination, Positive Attitude, Self Disciple,
Self Defense, Sport Enhancement, Getting in shape, Manners, Etiquette and Improving School Grades:



 "The Family That  Kicks Together Sticks Together"