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At what age can kids start?

Typically the youngest child we will accept is 3 years old. At this age, children are receptive to a structured program and can follow basic instructions in our Little Lions Classes. There are some exceptions where we will accept younger children, but they must be evaluated by the Grandmaster.  

How often are the classes?

The class schedules will vary with each academy location, so please check with that location in your area. The classes on Monday through Saturday typically start at some locations around 10:00 am and classes run for about 45 to 90 minutes. Adult classes are often held in the morning & evenings. Friday and Saturday Master Club Classes are different from the rest of the week, so check with your Master or drop by the for a schedule.

How do you sign up? Is it a contract?

Signing up is easy. Just schedule an appointment so we can work up a special program that fits in your budget. . If your goal is to earn a black belt through ATC, the 2-3-year Master Club Program is the best option for any serious student.  We do offer month to month cancel anytime trial programs and discounted 3-6-12-36 month "contract discounted programs" and paid in full special discounted programs. If you're not sure of your schedule or would simply like to try it out for Free, please visit your local academy.

Can we try it out first?

Yes, you can schedule a Two Free introductory classes to see if we are right for you! In fact we recommend that all parents try a free class and if they like it they can  join our family classes. The Family that kicks together sticks together.

Do you have large start up fees?

We many locations so we can offer you a bigger discount on great classes. We offer family discounts, if you chose a 12-36 program you will save big with Discount or in some cases Free Uniforms for everyone and No Registration Fees. This special is for all new members.

Do you have testing fees?

Just like there are fees at tournaments to cover awards and other costs. We testing fees to cover awards, belts, breaking materials, patches, guest masters and gymnasium rentals. You will be impressed with our professional run testings, exciting demonstrations and after testing party. Our testings are held every 2-3 month and the days are posted on our website.  Tuition must be current to test and to receive your belt and certificate.

When can we start?

New  students can begin class today.  Upon registration you will receive a Free Uniform with your 12 Month Basic or 36 Month Master Club Program. (With This Coupon)

What style of martial arts?

Our Masters focus on three types of martial arts. TaeKwonDo, Korea's national martial art  which focuses on high-energy fun kicks and punches, utilizing whole body movements to develop its superior techniques. The second martial art, HapKiDo which focuses on joint locks, throws, pressure points, ground techniques and redirection of the opponents own energy  to encompass a truly self-defense oriented martial art, ideal for adults wanting to learn to defend themselves. The third is Rocian Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which concentrates on ground self defense and grappling (wrestling) all three of these martial arts work different parts of your body. Ask about the Master Club  Program where you can learn 2 to 3 martial arts at the same time in these special classes.

Who qualifies the Masters?

Our Masters receive their martial art rankings and certifications from internationally recognized martial art organizations.  (TI - WTF –KTA –AAU - USATKD - KHF- USNTF -WBJJF - KKA) All our instructors go through 8 years of training before they can be certified as an instructors and masters have over 20 years of experience. At  our academy you can be assured you are receiving great martial arts instruction.

How long does it take to become a Black Belt?

The journey to earning a Black Belt takes approximately 4 to 7 years to complete. In that time, students not only learn martial arts techniques and proper self defense skills but they become strong leaders and gain self discipline, self-confidence and other positive character-building qualities that our students will use throughout their lives to become successful citizens.

How many classes should I attend?

We recommend attending 2-4 classes a week at minimum, but 5 day per week class attendance is available with the Master Club Program. Please speak with a ATC staff member about class attendance and scheduling.

What if I'm not flexible?

It is rare to see a beginner who is already flexible. That means that the majority of beginning students are NOT flexible. If flexibility is one of your goals, our Masters will assist you achieve your goal. If you are not flexible, Our Masters will show you how to improve your flexibility and in time you will learn to adjust your techniques. As your flexibility improves you will see many  improvement and some students find back pains get better and even disappear.

Will martial arts help me to get in shape?

Learning martial arts techniques conditions your entire body while improving mental balance. Building strength and speed and high intensity style training and conditioning sessions are just some of the things that are offered in our fun classes. If your goal is to get in shape? Our Masters will show you how!

Will I be able to protect myself?

Learning martial arts means developing the ability to be able to defend yourself in threatening situations. However in a few months you will have a good understanding of basic self defense. However becoming great at defending yourself requires years of practice. Come to class consistently and become good at self-defense and learn how to handle negative people and negative situations.

Am I too old to begin martial arts?

We are here to teach people to become martial artists, but will always adjust the training intensity to fit your abilities, health and age. We have students of all ages, and ATC curriculum can be adjusted to fit each age group. If you have an interest in martial arts, but are unsure of which of our martial arts is right for you, speak with one of our Masters and they will assist you to grow in your training. You can gain so many benefits and improve your life at any age by learning martial arts at our academies.

Can I use other types of non academy uniforms or equipment?

Buying unauthorized equipment might be a little cheaper by $5.00 to $10.00, but you risk quality and safety.  Cheaper uniforms usually have defects in the materials or are knock-offs and are not cut correctly and can look scruffy in class.  These cheaper uniforms many times fade to yellow in the wash.  All approved equipment; uniforms and patches are specifically chosen and designed for our academies and are certified by our federations and unions.  Wearing approved gear creates a quality, professional and unified classroom appearance, loyalty and unity among our academies.

When you purchase approved equipment, you purchase quality and in turn, you support your academy. This assures our purchasing discount power with the manufactures, which in turn keeps our equipment costs and tuition at a fair price.

It is not proper or respectful to wear outside uniforms or other academy uniforms in the Dojang. Most organizations and sports’ teams require specific uniforms and equipment. Using other uniforms or equipment would not be allowed. Thank You

Approved White V-neck Uniforms:  White to Brown Belts  

Approved Black V-neck Uniforms:  Brown Red to Black Belts

Approved Black V-neck Adidas Uniforms:  Black Belt J- A-T-Instructors
Approved Demo Uniforms:  Demo Team Members Only 

Approved Black V-neck Adidas Uniforms:  Black Belt J- A-T-Instructors 

Approved Blue Uniforms:  Certified Instructors Only
Approved Red Uniforms:
 Certified Masters Only
Approved White GM Uniforms:  Certified Grandmasters Only


Only Approved Sparring Gear will be permitted in sparring class.


Can I cancel my current Contract? 

When you registered and agreed to your current program, We gave you a big discount. So we do not cancel contracts or programs. Please read your signed paperwork.