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Past News  



September 6th  2008 Turlock California:

Grandmaster Spillmann and Grandmaster Lind attended Turlock's first belt testing many students that joined from other schools in the area to recieve great instruction were re-ranked by the Grandmasters to their current belt levels.  Also New white belts tested for Yellow.  Good Job to all student that tested.

Seminar Las Vegas June 6th & 7th 2008   

TaeKwon-Do International held their 4th Annual Conference June 6 and 7 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Master Konrad Spillmann  and Vice-President of TaeKwon-Do International, conducted a sales/marketing/teaching strategies seminar Friday afternoon on how to improve enrollment, motivate and teach students. The day was followed by a discussion lead by Instructor Frank Mercuri on finances. On Saturday morning Grandmaster Ken Brooks, Vice-President, who was recently promoted to 8th Dan, held the union’s first ever fire-arms safety seminar which was well received by all members.  The afternoon consisted of a TaeKwon-Do patterns and basic seminar hosted by Grandmaster Mark McCarthy, Executive Vice-President.  Our weekend finished with a banquet and awards ceremony attended by all union members and their families.  President Grandmaster Suk Jun Kim oversaw all events personally. TaeKwon-Do International’s 2008 seminar will be held the weekend of June 6, 2009, again in Vegas.

Seminar Puerto Rico April 26th 2008

Master K.O. Spillmann, 8th Dan Black Belt has given dozens of seminars for self defense and business. Master Spillmann recently had another electrifying seminar, this time in beautiful Puerto Rico. The seminar was hosted on April 26th, 2008 by Master Wilfredo Sellas of Sellas Martial Arts and Master Miguel Lind of WWTHF in Puerto Rico

It was truly an honor and learning experience for many of Puerto Rico’s top Masters and Instructors.  They had an opportunity to learn from one of the top leaders in the martial arts world on how to operate a professional martial arts academy. Many attendees gained the inside secrets required to achieve financial freedom without compromising top instruction.

Grandmaster Spillmann’s seminar in Puerto Rico not only covered the business aspects, it also covered class organization, trial lessons, student retention, advertising, staffing, phone sales, sales psychology, training the customers, teaching principals, placing a value on benefits, and the positive caring philosophy needed to elevate martial arts as a respected career.

All attending the seminar received Grandmaster Spillmann’s business book (The TaeKwonDo Business Manual – How to run a professional martial arts academy) which has changed many school owners lives.
The masters not only were excited and motivated by Master Spillmann’s shared knowledge, they were impressed with Master Spillmann’s love and dedication for TaeKwonDo and  improving Masters’, Instructors’ and students’ lives.
The masters in Puerto Rico have invited Master Spillmann to return next year for him to see the positive changes and host an even bigger seminar.