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Home Rules


Home Rules for Everyone   

Little Lions 3yr-6yr

1)  Respect your parents, teachers and elders.
2)  Be kind to your brothers and sisters.
3)  Keep your body, teeth and hair clean daily.
4)  Keep your house neat and clean.
5)  Do not interrupt adult conversation.

Juniors 7yr to 12yr
1)   Respect your parents, teachers and elders.
2)   Be kind to your brothers and sisters.
3)   Keep your body, teeth and hair clean daily.
4)   Keep your house neat and clean.
5)   Do not interrupt adult conversation.
6)   Study and work to maintain top grades
7)   Keep your room clean and organized.
8)   Be polite to everyone you meet.
9)   Be aware of your environment.
10) Say no to drugs, alcohol and smoking.

Teen & Adults
( Plus Juniors)

1)    Treat people with respect, including children.
2)    Be patient with your family.
3)    Judge yourself not others.
4)    Be Kind to others.
5)    Be kind to your loved ones.
6)    Be honest and loyal.
7)    Remember and stick to your commitments.
8)    Treat everyone like you would want to be treated.
9)    Respect you Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors.
10)    Refer all you meet to practice TaeKwonDo.

Earn your belt stripes To be eligible to test for your next belt rank.

1) Earn a minimum of 5 stripes listed below.
2) Submit your most recent report card (6-17yr)
3) A parent note that your doing well at home.(3-17yr)

Required Grade Point Average

White to Purple Belts 2.0GPA or Above
Blue to Brown Belts need a 2.5GPA or above to test.
Red to Black Belt are required to have a 3.0GPA or Higher