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Summer Camp 2012 - July 13th -14th -15th

Congratulations to all the new ATC Black Belts and our new Instructor Mercuri reaching the level of Master. Camp was a great learning and intense experience. Over 50 people attended thisgreat annual event. Students had a great opportunity to learn from Grandmaster Lind, Master Son (TaeKwonDo / HapKiDo) Master Baez (TaeKwonDo) Grandmaster Master Ko (GumDo) Students had a great time improving their martial art techniques and making new friends.

Aliso Viejo Belt Testing Nov 09

Students did a fantastic job and Grandmaster was happy with all the students progress. The testing was a great turn out with almost 150 students testing and many students pre-testing. The new testing procedure was good and parents were happy with the new 10 individualized testing groups.

November 7th 2009 Seminar Vermont

Grandmaster Spillmann was invited to Vermont by Master Govers teacher "Master Donnelly" and several other Masters in other martial arts (Karate, Jiujitsu, KungFu, Moo Gong Do) attended this grand event.

The seminar and Black Bellt tesing in Vermont was a great event with many students testing for high ranks in TaeKwonDo. Grandmaster Spillmannn did a self defense seminar and everyone had a great time. That evening the black belts tested and received their new Dan Ranks.

Instructor Davis and Master Gover also went to spend several days training with friends and assisted in the seminars and enjoyed the Vermont Cuisine. Grandmaster asssited in teaching and grading the Dan Students and he also went to support Master Gover and Master Sicely for their 5th Dan Black Belt Test.

Summer Camp July 2009

Summer Training camp was a great success with over 60 students/ black belts attending. Grandmaster Spillmann and the other masters worked with the students. Don The Dragon Wilson taught kickboxing principles and Kru Nelson taught Rhythm Muay Thai. Grandmaster Lind taught Gumdo Swords. Students had a great time at the park learning martial arts. During the break time several students and instructors played flag football. Many students this camp was one of the best camps ever.



JUNE 13,14 2009 - Burbank Opening - Friendship School.

Grandmaster Spillmann and Master Lind were both invited as testing examiners to grade students at Grandmaster Y.K .Kim's New Martial Art World Academy operated by Grandmaster Spillmann's good friend Master Keith Winkle. It was a great two days of testing and celebration the MAW students did a fantastic job and the school was full of energy. The mayor of Burbank attended the Grand opening and tested for his Honorary Black Belt.







This was a great event with over 40 high level Black Belts from all over the country attending at the Circus, Circus Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first part of seminar started with a 4 hour Hyung/Tul forms training class by world famous Grandmaster S.J. Kim, one of the world’s top authorities on TaeKwonDo training. The attendees had a great time learning and furthering their training. Grandmaster Kim, Grandmaster Spillmann and Grandmaster Donelly were very impressed with all Instructors and gave special recognition to Instructor Andrew Spillmann, T-Instructor Kurt Spillmann and Instructor J. Spillmann. Grandmaster Kim, a 9thDan Black Belt and President of TaeKwonDo International, is Grandmaster Spillmann’s teacher and has been his mentor for over 22 years.  

The second part of the seminar was presented by Grandmaster Spillmann an 8thDan Black Belt and Director of operations for the union. Masters and instructors from all over the country attended the business seminar portion which covered marketing ideas, management skills, how to be professional and how to structure your instruction.  That evening there was a great banquet dinner for all Black Belts and guests. Then on Sunday, several students and Grandmaster Spillmann went to visit the Hoover Dam. This was a great event, and we hope you can join us next year in New York City.

Corona Belt Testing May 17th 2009


Corona test was great there was several hundred spectators and students. 
All the students did a great job. Keep up the good work. Thank you to all the
parents that assisted and all the demo team members.

Thank you Grandmaster Lind and all the other Masters for a great job
and a big thanks to the senior examiners attending.



Prescott Valley Arizona: Black Testing 03/20 & 03/21/2009

Congratulations to all students and the great parents of ATC Arizona.
Grandmaster Spillmann and Grandmaster Lind both traveled to belt test
Instructor D. Decker and Instructor J. Decker Deputy Belts.
It was a fantastic test and all the students did a great job and
all received their Black Belts and Junior Black Belts.
The Decker's also
received their 3rd Dan Certificates from TaeKwonDo International.

 India 02/18/2009 7th District Championships.

India Belt Testing Feb-2009

Master Babu from ATC India had a great testing day and many students had a fantastic testing.

ATC Aliso Viejo Martial Arts: 4 Journey Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 TEL (949) 425-0500
ATC Corona Martial Arts 281 Dupont Street #103 Corona CA 92879 TEL (951)520-0200

ATC Prescott Valley Martial Arts: 6594 E 2nd Street, Prescott Valley, AZ. 86314 TEL (928) 772-3522
ATC Turlock Martial Arts: 1645 Countryside Drive, Turlock, CA 95380 (209) 667-5972
ATC Lancaster Martial Arts: 
42035 10th Street West #115 Lancaster, CA 93534. Tel: (661) 974-8686
Lake Elsinore Martial Arts: 18281 Collier Ave Suite E Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 TEL (951) 674-2471

ATC Gallatin Martial Arts 565 Village Green Drive Gallatin, TN 37066 TEL (615)451-2824
ATC Longwood Martial Arts 2100 N..Ronald Reagan Blvd Longwood Fl, Tel (407)767-7070
ATC Mesquite Martial Arts 
120 East Main Street Mesquite, TX 75149 (972) 288-2891