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ATC West Coast Director - Grandmaster M. A. Lind - 8th Dan Black Belt


Teaching Credentials  

TaeKwonDo Master 8th Dan Black Belt

TaeKwonDo Certified  WTF-PTU-ATF-TI-USNTF

TaeKwonDo Master  ATC - USNTF - ATF

HapKiDo Certified Master 7th Dan Black Belt

Karate Certified Master  4th Dan Black Belt 

Sanuces Ryu JiuJitsu Black Belt

Ranking in Several Other Styles

Teaching Martial Arts for over 35 years

Certified in CPR and Safety Awareness

Retired Police Officer - Puerto Rico 18yrs

ATC East Coast Director - KwanJangNim Spillmann -  8th Dan Black Belt



All awards and certificates can be  viewed, verified and seen at the academy.

 Teaching Credentials:

Over 45 Years Training Experience

Over 35 Years Teaching

Executive Vice President TaeKwonDo Int (2005 - 2015)

ATC Martial Arts USA -  Director / Founder

TaeKwonDo 8th Degree Black Belt 

HapKiDo 7th Degree Black Belt 

Karate 4th Degree Black Belt

Black Belt Rocian Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Ranking In:  Aikido / Judo Black Belt / Kung Fu

TaeKwonDo International Grandmaster

AAU TaeKwonDo Grandmaster

USATKD TaeKwonDo Grandmaster

Kukkiwon TaeKwonDo Master

ATF Certified Instructors - Y.K.Kim Letter 

CPR Certified 

WTA - Kukkiwon Training Course - Korea 1999

ASEP Strength & Conditioning Certified Coach 2012 

Wrote Several Books (Pic 1) (Pic 2) (8 Keys to Improve)

Produced Training DVD's (Hyungs - TaeGueks - Self Defense - Curriculum)

Kukkiwon Letter of Commendation 10/20/2007 

Kukkiwon Letter for Commendation 04/08/2010

JidoKwon TaeKwonDo Citation 1982

JidoKwon TaeKwonDo Citation 1980

WMARF - Citation 1988

WMARF - Letter of Appreciation 1987

World Hapkido Federation - AP - Certificate of Qualification 94-95

World Martial Arts Masters Mission Federation  - Vice President 

TaeKwonDo International - Executive Vice President

Y.K.Kim's TaeKwonDo - Instructor of the Year 1992

Y.K Kim's TaeKwonDo - Coach of the Year 1991

K.S Choi Letter of Appreciation 1998

J.K. TaeKwonDo Outstanding Dedication 2003 

Puerto Rico Business Seminar Appreciation Award 2008

ATF Demonstration Team 1984 to 1992 - Orlando Magic

ATF Sparring Team 1984 to 1992

ATF Instructor 1980 to 1992  

World TaeKwonDo Federation Citation of Dedication 07/01/2007

World HapKiDo Federation - Performance & Leadership 1997

California State Senate Community Award  02/10/2001

TaeKwonDo International Lifetime Award 2008

AMS CJV Award 2006

NRCC - National Leadership Award

Yama Bushi Judo Club Thank You Award 2006 

Amerastate University - Advisor

Voted Top RC School 2010-2011 

Charity Events 

Breaking For Charity Raising Thousands

Broke 411 Concrete Blocks for Charity

Record 250 Concrete End Caps 48 Seconds 

Master Breaker -  (Pics)

Saint Jude's Children's Hospital


Movie & TV Shows

Seen in Movies Miami Connection 1988

Movie Amazing Grace 2003

TV Nickelodeon 1991

Adventures TV Show 1997

Poorman's  Show 2002


Competition Awards

Many Compitition Awards ( Events Dates Listed on Facebook)

Sparring & Forms  (More Pics on FB)

JiuJitsu (Awards on Facebook)

Karate  (Awards on Facebook)

2 Grand Champions 1988-89

Award can be viewed at the school


Sabumnim Spillmann has performed demonstrations, instructed self-defense seminars and consulted for many large organizations across the United States:  Mervyns, Universal Studios, Military, Boeing, Edwards, CBS Studios. Mission Viejo Company, Orlando Magic.


He has also performed breaking demonstrations, taught self-defense seminars and offered his consulting services in many countries including England, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Puerto Rico, India and Korea


Please Visit our Facebook - To see all awards & Video Clips:

Sifu W. Vardeman - Certified Grandmaster - Black Sash  Kung Fu



Golden Talon Kung Fu (Founder)

Tai Chi - Yang Style

Wing Chun  -  Ip Man - The Style Bruce Lee Learned 

Bagua Zhang

World Chinese Martial Arts Federation  Director 1985-1986  OH

Presidential Sports Award 1992

Certificate of Award - Chinese Kuoshu Federation  - Grand Master Tsai

Wrote - Golden Talon Kung Fu Book

Karate International Magazine  -Who's Who in the martial arts 1992

Over 40 years Training in Martial Arts